NURBN2026 Nursing Practice 5: Case Study Scenario


You are required to submit a fully referenced academic essay demonstrating your knowledge and application of best evidence-based nursing practice in relation to the following case scenario.

In accordance to academic writing, students are required to write in the third person.

All aspects outlined in the marking guide must be addressed.

  • Introduction
  • Pre-operative care
  • Assessment, prevention, and management of post-operative hypoglycaemia
  • Education for sick day management
  • Education for exercise
  • Conclusion

Case Study Scenario:

It is 0800 hours and you are working in a Paediatric Unit in a large metropolitan hospital. You are caring for Shaun Cross, a 15 -year-old male, who has Type I Diabetes. Shaun has been admitted for an exploratory arthroscope on his right knee, from an injury incurred whilst playing soccer. Shaun has fasted from 0600 hours and continues to fast (Nil by Mouth) in preparation for the surgery which is booked for 1000hours. Shaun last administered insulin to himself at 2000 hours the previous evening.

Medical history: Nil known allergies. Shaun was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes six (6) months ago. Shaun’s diabetes has been well controlled with Lantus 50 units BD (mane and nocte). His last HbA1c three (3) weeks ago was 6.4% / 48mmmol.

Social History: Shaun lives with his family of four, Mother Leanne, Father Paul, and sister Kelsey. Shaun is currently completing year 10 at secondary school and enjoys playing Basketball and Soccer.

The following data was assessed when Shaun was admitted to the ward:

Subjective data:

  • Verbal pain rating 0/10
  • Alert and talkative

Objective data:

  • Blood pressure: 115/60 mm Hg
  • Heart rate: 62 beats per minute
  • Respiratory rate: 16/minute
  • Temperature 36.2 tympanic
  • SaO2:100% Room air
  • Random BGL  5.2mmol
  • Weight: 61Kg

Shaun returns to the ward following his procedure at 1130 hours. He complains of severe nausea and is unable to tolerate any diet or oral fluids.

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