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APT 6000 – Case Study 2: LizAge: 38Relationship status: Married to Con for 12 years. They had a son (George) 3 years ago.Con works long hours in an IT job, Liz has a small business as a freelance photographer.Family: Mother and step-father, one younger sister Sally. Only occasional contact with biological father, who left the family home quite suddenly when Liz was 8.Presenting issues:• Mother recently diagnosed with lung cancer – Liz feels devastated by this news and is scared she will develop depression again, having had post-natal depression (PND) after George’s birth.• Describes herself as ‘anxious about everything’, and believing ‘everything happens for a reason, so I must have done bad things for all these things to go wrong’• ‘Difficult’ relationship with Con’s family, who are Greek, and she believes they have never really accepted him marrying a non-Greek girl. Liz says she often takes dishes, or presents, over to their house and never feels like they have noticed or appreciated this.Scanned with CamScanner


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