7COM1075 Data Science and Analytics Masters Project Management


This Assignment assesses the following module (from Definitive Module Document): Successful students will typically be able to

1) be able to critically evaluate advanced literature on data science and analytics topics relevant to their chosen project;

2) be able to refer to the findings of other academic writers to justify their chosen approach to the development of a solution, and to evaluate the outcomes of their project work;

3) be able to combine their knowledge of the subject, their reading of research papers and the outcome of their own investigations to conceive original ideas of their own;

4) be able to plan and manage a substantial body of work, identify any risks inherent in their chosen approach, and work independently with minimum supervision;

5) be able to select and use appropriate techniques and tools employed in data science and analytics in order to conduct a practical investigation into a particular data science and analytics problem;

6) be able to both critically evaluate and discuss the outcome of their project work in written and oral form;

7) be able to articulate the broader contexts of their work in relation to legal, social, ethical, and professional issues, and assess the economic impact of their project.

Submission Requirements:

When you are ready to submit your report, convert it (and any accompanying documents) into a single document. You are free to send any program files, zipped files to your markers via emails but only the Canvas submission will be marked.

You MUST include any appendices and ALL supporting material. Please do not include this assignment briefing sheet, but you MUST include your student ID number and name on the cover page of your final project report.

Suggested file types for the submission:

  • Microsoft Word
  • OpenOffice Text

Marks will be deducted if you do not follow these simple instructions.

The Final Project Report (FPR) has online submission ONLY.

A live demonstration of your work is commencing after your FPR submission and by the demonstration deadline above.

(1) Specification of the project

(2) Research

(3) Methodology

(4) Quality and Results

(5) Evaluation and Conclusions

(6) Presentation and References

(7) Demonstration

Instructions on the Final-Project Report (FPR)

You should be aware from the outset that the report and your explanation of your work is the primary evidence used in the assessment, and it is the assessment of your abilities to conduct and deliver a project that is key. Any software product or model or artefact that you may have produced during your project is not the focus of the assessment. In an extreme case, a student that submits a well-crafted piece of work, but fails to submit a report into how it was produced, will fail. The project module is about assessing your abilities as a student in your discipline area.

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