AM 7320 International Marketing|Social and Cultural Factors

Write a brief background about the chosen country and the products (or services) that you plan to market to. Market Feasibility (opportunity) Analyses Conduct a thorough market feasibility analyses. In your analysis include (but is not limited to) market size, trend, growth capacity, and target customer demographic.  for market characteristics – size, trend, growth, capacity.  target customer demographics. Environmental Scanning Synthesise the country’s market environment. This includes: Economic Environment -include information (but is not limited to) about its economic structure, GNP, GDP, inflation, unemployment rates, purchasing power and economic trends. How strong is the country’s currency? Is the country underdeveloped, a developing or developed country?Social and Cultural Factors – includes information (but is not limited to) about the country’s social and cultural diversity (subcultural, multicultural analyses), norms and taboos, religions, language, level of education, social classes and influences (e.g. role and status). Is the country a collective or individualistic? Political and Legal Factors – discuss the country’s political adoptions, legislations and laws pertaining to imported goods. Discuss its’ political stability and risk. In terms of legislation and law, discuss its trade barriers and reciprocity such as import tariffs, embargo etc. New Zealand Trade Agreement – discuss any trade agreement that the country has developed with New Zealand. Is the country a New Zealand major trading partner? Does the country belong to any trade groups or regional associations similar with New Zealand, e.g. WHO, APEC, NZ-Australia Closer Economic Relations (CER), NZ- Pacific Alliance Trade, etc. Technology and Contemporary Environment Variables – discuss the country’s level of technology. Analyses the country’s contemporary environment variables such as threat of environmentalism, consumerism, etc that might affect NZ trade with them.                                                                                                                 
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