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‘This 1500 word report should describe and analyse an ethical dilemma (related to the Australian construction industry) that might be encountered in a commercial or industrial situation. You may select a situation from your own experience, one you have heard of from work colleagues or one recently reported in the media. Do not use one that you have been given by another student who previously studied this unit. Do not use work that you have used for a previous unit. Originality will be valued here. The report must be divided into subsections and must be provided with an executive summary of one paragraph and a contents page at the beginning as well as page numbers. Referencing should conform to the WSU Harvard system. You are advised to consult the electronic journals available in the library for reference sources. The report should describe the problem or dilemma you will study. It should list the options that were available in response to the situation. It should then evaluate the chosen actions in terms of an accepted ethical code of conduct. Finally, make suggestions about how the situation can be avoided in the future. Your opinions should be supported with high quality references. Reports Structure • Coversheet • Title page • Executive summary • Table of contents • Introduction • Dilemma Description • Analysis and Evaluation • Conclusions and Recommendations • References/sources 1500 words – not including coversheet, table of contents, tables and figures, references or appendices. 1400 – 1700 words is acceptable. 10% penalty for every 100 words less than 1400 words or more than 1700 words.’ 


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