LAWS104 Foundations of Law and Legal Research

Locate, read and do a case analysis onJohnsonv Kentbased on the High Court of Australia judgment (Full Court) and provide the following information, using the prescribed structure for this assignment: 1.Brief statement of material facts. 2.Brief history of the proceedings, including full citation for each prior decision as well as the decision of the Full Court (choose the most authoritative report series). State name of judge(s) presiding in court of original jurisdiction and in the Full Court. 3.Main legal issues in dispute in the High Court.* Include each party’s opposing argument concerning the issues. 4.Final decision and orders of High Court. 5.Analysis of decision, including analysis of reasoning behind unanimous or majority and dissenting judgments. What is/are the major statement(s) of principle in this case? Provide any personal comments about the decision in this section. 6.Ratio decidendi and obiter dictum
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