MBA621 Healthcare System|Royal Flying Doctor

Question: The Royal Flying Doctor Service provides a variety of services to rural and remote Australians. Does it provide specialist services? If so, how? If not, how do people who live remotely access such specialist services? What could the Royal Flying Doctor Service do to further enhance its service delivery to its client group? i just need the answer for this according to the guideline which i have attached below with Harvard style reference.This assessment requires students to participate in a weekly online discussion forum via MyKBS actively. Weekly participation, in this case,is indicated by:The posting of a detailed response to the weekly set question. .ANDAt least one response to another student’s post This response should refer to the issues and topics raised in the post andengage the student in debate/discussion.As such, you are required to make at least two postings. The first is toinitiate in response to the weekly set question,and further postings are to be a response (or responses) to another student’s posts. Thus, you must make at least oneresponse to another student’s post every week.The discussion topics will be visible under the Discussion Forum iconfor each week. The grade will be calculated using the attached grading rubric as a guide. The regularity and quality of the responses will contribute to 25% of the final grade. All discussions are to be posted by 23.55 (AEST) on Sunday at the end of each week.
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