7234NCS Communication and Leadership in Aviation- and personal activities


Purpose of this Manual
The purpose of this manual is to provide students with a basis on which to draw when developing written assignments and by this method build on their formal writing skills in a manner that is consistent with Government and industry practice.

It also provides a basis for standardisation of written assignments including their assessment.

Planning YourWork

Completing a written assignment requires gathering a great deal of information within a limited time span. Therefore, it is most important that you plan your work. The process is described in further detail later in this manual, but the following points are a general guide on what your plan should take into account:

a) Identify the information you require.

b) Identify the ways and means of gathering that information.

c) Establish the priority or importance of various pieces of information and allocating appropriate amounts of time for collection.

d) Establish your timelines for the completion of the various tasks associated with the study, e.g. gathering information, taking photographs, writing the final report.

e) Allow for contingencies that might arise, particularly about external influences such as work (if applicable); and personal activities.

f) Ensure that you allow sufficient time at the end of your research for the preparation of the final report, including editing and proofreading of the final version.

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