CIS 117 Computer Information System

Directions: Answer all questions. Provide as much detail as necessary to explain your answer. 1. Write out the first 4 letters of your First name (Murad)in UPPERCASE. Using the ASCII chart, identify the decimal number and convert to binary form. Draw a graph for each letter as if you were transmitting using Amplitude Modulation. 2. Write out 20 letters and numbers as a string of characters with repetitions. Example would be AAAAABBBBCCCCDDDD5555 (do not use this string). Create a run length encoding scheme to compress the string. For full credit, the answer must include the explanation of the rule used to compress the string. 3. On your computer, Identify the MAC address of your Wireless or Ethernet NIC (Linux: ip link, Windows: ipconfig /all). Identify the vendor of the NIC from the MAC Address. 4. Identify your A number by logging into . It should be under your student tab. Remove the A from the beginning and use the remaining number as the frequency (f) for the Nyquist question below. What is the maximum data rate for the given frequency using an alphabet of 1024? (show all work) 5. Draw a waveform in the graph space below. Label the vertical scale from 0 – 256. Sample the height of waveform 4 times. Convert the height of each sample to a binary number then represent how that would be transmitted as digital. What is this process called ? 6. Write down 3 websites you visit often below. Identify the IPv4 address of the site by using the nslookup command from Powershell or Linux Terminal. (Example: nslookup Identify the IPv4 class address each site belongs and explain how you came to the answer. Does each site have an IPv6 address ? If so, identify the IPv6 address.
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