MBA619 IT and Business Strategy

 Question 2: For a business that wishes to follow an operational excellence value discipline strategy, which way should they lean, process or practice, and why? What about for a business that wishes to follow a product leadership value discipline strategy, which knowledge management strategy should they employ and why? What type of people do they hire for either scenario? A business which looks forward to operational excellence value discipline needs to focus on process. This is because in order to gain better operational management and get activities in control it is important to manage the overall, princess of the whole work. The main idea of process management is to look forward from the very beginning of the activities and to resolve any issue that might affect the daily operation. Thus, through a detailed and scheduled process of worm operation management becomes. Under such business it is important to higher personals with manwge4rial and team handling expertise (Conley, 2018). On the other hand, the business which wants to follow product leadership value discipline strategy needs to lean towards practice. This is because in order to enhance product excellence it is important to understand the overall product needs and ideas that will develop the product quality and thus for this practice by the whole is vital. This will enable the business to exercise control in its quality as well. Under such business it’s important to hire qualified and market experts for new product ideas.
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