MTKG1392 Marketing Communication Strategy- desirable and valuable brand equity



In this assessment you will be undertaking the role of a consultant who will produce a marketing communications report for your client. You will provide the client with strategic marketing insights, in the form of a report, that will guide the noted brand’s commercial success in the designated market as well as contribute to building desirable and valuable brand equity.

The purpose of this assessment is to develop your capacity to analyse marketing communication challenges faced by brands; build your skills in applying integrated marketing communications theories and practices to inform business decisions that address those challenges; and enhance your ability to write your analysis, findings and recommendations as a professional, concise and persuasive business report. These are very real scenarios and processes utilised in contemporary marketing practice.

This assessment requires you to identify the key marketing communication issues and apply critical analysis and relevant theoretical knowledge to resolve those issues for the stated brand and present contextually appropriate marketing communication strategies and tactics that build brand equity.

Assessment criteria
This assessment will measure your ability to:

• Produce original, strategic and critically analysed insight that addresses the key issues faced by the client

• Provide comprehensive coverage of relevant issues to demonstrate your understanding of the key marketing communication challenges faced by the brand 

• Write in a professional and coherent manner 

Course learning outcomes
This assessment is relevant to the following course learning outcomes:

1. Critically assess and apply integrated marketing communication theories and practices to identify appropriate target audiences, suitable objectives, and contextually appropriate communication approaches that build brand equity

2. Design ethically appropriate creative messages that reflect suitable positioning and which affect (target audience) behaviour through interrelated marketing communication activities.

3. Evaluate markets in various forms in order to identify strategically appropriate communication channels that permit effective media utilisation and planning 

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