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PART II: Choose one of the two prompts given below and write a short (1-2 double-spaced pages in APA format) response and/or reflection to the prompt.  In your reflection, you are encouraged to examine your personal thoughts.  You are also strongly encouraged to consider how the readings and other content of this class relate to the topic and how they inform your own understanding. Prompt 1: Students in a high school P.E. Class were performing tumbling exercises, including a backward somersault. An overweight female student was instructed to attempt the maneuver. She received no personal instruction or attention from the teacher with respect to the backward somersault. She told the instructor that she was afraid to do the backward somersault, and that she did not know how to perform it. The instructor offered to help the student after school but was told that this was not possible since the student rode the bus. During class the following day, the student was asked if she could do the backward somersault. After saying she could not, the instructor told her to practice it. The student did so and suffered a serious injury to her neck. The student’s parents sued. Is the court likely to find the school system negligent in this matter? Prompt 2: A teacher calls the middle school assistant principal to his classroom, indicating that two middle-school boys are threatening one another. As the assistant principal escorts the two to her office, the students renew the argument and push past her to begin fighting. The assistant principal who is small in stature, shouts at the boys to stop but does not attempt to physically separate the tow. Rather she calls for assistance on her two-way radio. Another assistant principal arrives quickly, but by the time the two are separated, one has sustained a broken cheekbone. His parents sue. Is the court likely to find the school system negligent in this matter?


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