COM566 Relational Dynamics:Communication Skills in Social Work


Topic: Communication Skills in Social Work and Human Services

Students will research and retrieve a minimum of twelve contemporary peer-reviewed articles and/or chapters from relevant academic works related to their assigned topic.

  •  Students will prepare 10 PowerPoint slides, providing:
  •  a thoughtfully developed, theoretically based des

    COM566 Relational Dynamics

    cription of the chosen topic derived from the appraisal of the relevant contemporary literature

  •  clear description of the impact of the chosen topic, considering how it may possibly affect:
  •  one’s sense of self,
  •  relationships with others (e.g., partner, children, etc.),
  •  faith/spirituality
  •  ongoing psycho-social adjustment
  •  appropriate therapeutic interventions that might be helpful for this chosen group, and
  •  an overview of possible complications and comorbid presentations as a result of the chosen topic notbeing addressed
  •  an individually recorded presentation, consisting of 10 slides of relevant content, together with a slide displaying the reference list at the end

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