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CNnectCNnectAustralian College of Nursing Student PortalHome > My courses > Tertiary Education > Tertiary Education / July 18 •> (249 1807) Introduction to leadership and management > Assessments > Assessment 3: Reflective Essay – Due 9th September…Assessment 3: Reflective Essay – Due 9th September 2018 AEST Return to menu +D2500 words (+ 10%) Weighting 50% The purpose of this assessment is to reflect on personal and organisational leadership. Part A.Reflect on leadership at your workplace. Critically analyse leadership styles. Compare with current ideas and theories from current literature about effective leadership (2000 words).Include the following topics as you reflect on leadership at your workplace:• Current Leadership and management styles • Mentorship, preceptorship and coaching in your workplace • Motivating individuals and teams • Workplace culture • Achieving organisational goals and planning • Managing power and politicsPart B.Assess your own leadership skills and devise an action plan for any improvements


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