Critiquesÿand | My Assignment Tutor for Journal Article Critiquesÿand PresentationsThe goals of the journal article critique are to understand the important results and methods of the paper and to evaluate the validity of the paper. The critique should be a summary of the important results and the methods used to obtain those results. The methods used to obtain a result should be presented when the result is presented (do not have a separate methods paragraph). Both the methods and resultsÿshould be clearly explained (I should be able to understand what was done without reading the paper). You will also need to critique the paper. You should state whether or not the paper is sound and back up your statement by assessing the interpretation of the data, the experiments used, any additional experiments or data interpretation that you feel could be added, etc. You should be specific when you evaluate the validity of the paper.The critique should have the entire reference as it would be cited on a reference page at the beginning of the critique. The critique should be 2 pages, double spaced (do not go over 2 pages). The critique should beÿin paragraph form andÿwell writtenÿwith no spelling or grammar errors (spell checking is advised).ÿThe articlesÿto be critiquedÿwill be the articles presented during the last week of classes.ÿYou may not critique the article you are presenting.


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