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Assessment Task 1 – FAQ This is a growing collection of knowledge with respect to the requirements for the Home Automation Simulator. Remember, for a developer to make a set of useful user stories that get better through time, they must ask the “Customer” for clarification.LQuestionAnswerWhat are the rooms in the house and are there duplicate rooms (like multiple bedrooms) since different houses have a different number of rooms or even stories?Excellent question! There are only rooms – no variations, so no “multi-rooms”. The house is not multi-level.What appliances/fixtures are in each room since a tv in some households could be in the living room and/or the bedroom or even garage?The config file should define the fixtures and appliances for each room – so it’s supposed to be customizable. So when the simulator starts up it loads the config file to populate the rooms.A “typical” configuration might be: Motion sensor, Light, Aircond, Fan, TV in the Living room Motion sensor, Light, Aircond, Fan in the main Bed room Motion sensor, Light, Fan in second Bed room Motion sensor, Light, Microwave, Hot water jug, Coffee machine in the Kitchen Motion sensor, Light, Car in the Garage Motion sensor, Light, Sprinklers in the GardenWhat options are there to be in the initial menu? Run simulation, quit and list rooms or list appliances/fixtures or something else altogether?The main menu needs a run option, a quit option, a list house contents option. Note that the config loading should be automatic.


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