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Please find the assignment attached below:  my present Also, I would like to mention that the assignment should cover one of the 7 clusters mentioned below : The MBR Research Clusters are: Cluster 1: Leadership and Management of Large Corporations Cluster 2: Leadership and Management of Not-for-Profit Organisations Cluster 3: Leadership and Management of Start-ups, SMEs, and Family Business Cluster 4: Leadership and Management of Technological and Digital Transformation Cluster 5: Leadership and Management of Sustainable Business Operations Cluster 6: Leadership and Management of Government and Multilateral Organisations Cluster 7: Leadership and Management of Tourism and Hospitality Organisations Please note: my research topic should cover one of those 7 clusters, for example, when picking a topic for this assignment you should demonstrate one of the clusters mentioned above which the topic falls under, example: covi10 – effect work performance >> Let say that you pick Cluster 3: Leadership and Management you should demonstrate how leadership and management affect work from home performance. The PPT presentation should address at a minimum the following points:1. The proposed title of the research project (maximum 12 words)2. The Research Cluster of the project3. The research objective4. The motivation for conducting the research5. A justification of the importance and significance of the research project6. An overview of the relevant literature and prior research concerning the proposedresearch project7. The proposed method for collecting data and other evidence when executing theresearch project8. Discussion of expected challenges and proposed solutions to these challenges whenconducting the research9. The expected contribution to the field of knowledge from undertaking the research10. Reference list comprising a minimum of 10 references Also, I have attached my previous assignment for the same subject, Please note that I did fail this assignment because the writer didn’t demonstrate any of the clusters mentioned above in the assignment and how it is related to my research in the presentation 


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