10192 Narratives of Illness and Well-being: Consumer Interaction


Assignment title: Consumer Interaction

Task description:

This assignment is structured as an essay and needs to comply with the conventions of writing an academic essay at university.

  1. You are to engage with a person (this can be a member of your family) who has had contact with the Australian health care system. Please consider your ethical and professional responsibilities when approaching this assignment. If you are unsure what this means, please refer to the NMBA website: NMBA Professional Standards.
  2. You are to engage in a brief but meaningful interaction (conversation/interview) with someone who has had contact with the Australian health care system to gain an understanding of their experience, and then provide a brief synopsis of the interaction. Please de-identify the person you are writing about and provide context regarding the nature of the interaction for example, ‘the conversation was in person and conformed with Covid restrictions’ or ‘the interaction was conducted over Face Time’ (these are examples only, you are strongly encouraged and required to submit your own original work). This synopsis is to be included in the body of your essay under the heading ‘What’ and might be presented in paragraph form immediately after the introduction to your essay. The synopsis should identify key themes from the interaction/conversation.
  3. You are to produce a narrative piece of writing structured under Borton’s Framework for Reflection What? So What? and Now What? headings (Borton, 1970). This means that you can use these headings in your essay. Your essay needs to include an introduction, a synopsis of the interaction, and then a reflection about the content of the interaction using a narrative approach and the prompts from the Borton (1970) reflective model.

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