HNB 3209 Nursing Assignment|Health Promotion

Describe what’ the topic, why we choose this specific targeted group. Please provide relevant data or statistics in the health promotion with some graph or table. Treatment related Arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditionsYour health promotion plan should address the following criteria: 1.A description of your specific target group and community (for example: adult males indigenous [or specify other ethnicity or particular community]; aged 40-60 years (or chose another age bracket), with a diagnosis of COPD, have a family history of diabetes, or are overweight or obese). This contributes to making your health promotion specific and focussed. Justify why you have chosen this particular target group. 2. A detailed outline of why this health promotion will benefit your target group. For example, how you anticipate it will improve health outcomes for the chosen target group/community. Include health data/statistics to back up this as a health concern, such as burden of disease. 3. A description of what your goals/ aims for your health promotion are and what the health promotion project is aiming to achieve (review the SMART mnemonic on page 215 of the set text Fleming & Parker, 2015 Introduction to Public Health, 3E – in the Readings section). For this section, I have attached the PDF page related to SMART Goals called planning and evaluation and SMART goals related to health promotion which is Arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions what were their knowledge before and after that 4.Identify which of the Health Promotion Management Perspectives (primary, secondary or tertiary) this falls into and explain why (Health Promotion Management Perspectives are classified as primary, secondary or tertiary- to find out more about this refer to the attached (page 316 of the set text Fleming & Parker, 2015 Introduction to Public Health, 3E) 5. Identify who the stakeholders will be for the project, and what community consultation will take place. Explain the roles of the identified stakeholders in your project. (Stake holders should be relevant to the health industry.) 6. Present a specific and original health message that you have developed for your health promotion project (examples: Your smoking harms others; Slip, Slop, Slap!).  Make sure this would be appropriate for your target group. 7. Provide a detailed outline of what the health promotion activity will entail and how you will promote this to the target group. Look at other health promotion activities for ideas such as the Breast Cancer Mother’s Day Classic Fun Run or the posters you see around the community.  Consider what sort of resources will work to get the message out to your target group such as newspapers, sports event, school visit, radio- what will work for your target audience) 8. An outline of how you plan to evaluate the success of your health promotion.  Evaluation is an important step, research to find the best way to assess if your health promotion worked. Explain how will you know if you have achieved your goals.
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