MBS 538 Organisational Behaviour and Management- Customer Satisfaction


The task is to develop a business case. It should describe the problem, identify the possible options to address it and provide a recommendation for which option is best, weighing up the costs and benefits. The intent of a business case isto convince key stakeholders of the merits of a particular course of action and it lays the foundations to initiate a project.

This assignment accounts for 15% of the overall assessment in this unit. This task should be completed individually.

1. Choose a topic.

a. You can create a problem on which to build a Business Case (i.e. Problem – Low Customer Satisfaction with Our Company’s Services; Solution for the Business Case – Software Upgrade that will help to deal with Customer Complains quicker, and hence will improve customer satisfaction) OR

b. You can choose a topic for your Business Case from the Organisation you work (or worked) for.

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