NUR101 Wellness Across Lifespan

Describe in detail what this aspect of your health is currently like- good, bad, needs improvement. Give specific details including what are some of your initial thoughts and feelings about it and what surprised you or affected you? A – Analyze Consider your feelings and thoughts about the situation/event more deeply – why do you think you feel (or now react) the way you do to it? What are some of the considerations including family/personal beliefs, assumptions, and values that contributed to this aspect of your health. Consider lifestyle, gender, age, culture, finances, life changes/transitions etc. that may have contributed to it. You may not have been aware of them until you started to reflect. This is an opportunity to truly LEARN about yourself. Tell the truth! No one will read these except Jacob. What do the nursing /professional journal articles or the nursing/other credible websites have to say that can help you understand yourself and your event or situation better? (i.e look at what the research is saying about the impact of family beliefs on nutrition; or lifestyle changes on activity/fitness etc.) Use at least one credible journal article and one website. Make sure one of your sources is a NURSING source. Please use APA guidelines for intext citations.    
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