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CourseName: ____Bio100700 _____________________ Artifactfor General Education Assessment-Life SciencesLearning Outcomes–The student should be able to:1) Identify valid evidence that supports theory, argument, and/or practice.2) Describe a foundational principle of life science. *************************************************************************************Assignment:Scientific Reports Primary research articles are the officialdocuments that scientists use to communicate their research to each other.Research papers describe original findings, including methodology and results..In contrast, documents that synthesize, summarize, or evaluate primaryliterature are termed secondarysources. Common secondary sources include magazine articles, dictionaries,textbooks, and websites. Secondary reports may be written by scientists,journalists, or others.From: Reading Primary Literatureby ChristopherM. Gillen (2007) Pearson Education, Inc. For this assignment, you will be reading secondarysources and reporting on thedata used to support the author’s argument. This assignment is worth 20 points. 1. Choose an article on the effects of smoking. Suggested sources include:Scientific American,” title=”National Institutes of Health”>NationalInstitutes of Health, Science, WebMD, and Discover. 2.On one page, give atitle for the report and a citations for the references then answerthe following questions:1) Whatmakes these articles reliable references?2) Whatare the arguments presented?3) Whatdata is given to support the argument? 3.Turn in The report that includes your name withattached copy of the articles 4.Give a 1-2 minutepresentation in class on the arguments (information) presented in the article.(Extra Credit


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