HLPR6006 Politics and Power in Public Health:A Policy Reform



This assessment provides you the opportunity to conduct an in-depth analysis of a specific policy reform in which you will aim to persuade political decision-makers to adopt the reform. The format is as a submission to a parliamentary committee using long-form evidence-based writing (with references)
What is a parliamentary committee? Parliamentary Committees exist both at Federal and State/Territory level and are groups of politicians appointed by one or both Houses of Parliament and frequently comprise members of multiple political parties. Committees provide a useful tool for undertaking detailed work that is more easily achieved in smaller groups and offer several advantages including the ability to carry out investigations, travel, and gather evidence and information. Committees function as a connection between Parliament and the community in that they facilitate views of the public being heard and reported to the Parliament. As such, committees can contribute to better-informed policy-making and legislative process as well as strengthen accountability of government.
What is a parliamentary submission? Parliamentary committees are a particularly useful opportunity to provide feedback on legislation or policy issues. For example, public health professionals may be called before a committee to present evidence. Alternatively, practitioners can write parliamentary submissions to committees to advocate for particular policy objectives – which is exactly what you are going to do for this assessment.
This system of public input into legislative proposals is an important element in the parliamentary process and in the democratic life of a citizen. It provides the public with an opportunity to put forward their views on issues and may ultimately result in new laws. In the real world, there is no standard form for a submission to a parliamentary committee
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