HLSC 111 The Person Health and Wellbeing

You will need to: a) Outline how you will utilise Motivational Interviewing techniques to assist and support Daniel in the Action Stage of smoking cessation and to work towards the Maintenance Stage. b) Outline what new behaviours Daniel would need to engage in to be successful in the Action Stage and to achieve better health outcomes long term and to reach Maintenance and Termination. c) Outline what techniques you should avoid using with Daniel as they may have negative impacts and outcomes. d) Outline the plan for Daniel’s discharge you would organise so that he 1. has ongoing support once he is discharged, 2. can continue to progress in his health behaviour changes, and 3. can eventually reach his goals to the Maintenance and Termination Stages. Utilise evidenced based literature to support your discussion. For the purposes of this paper, while seminal work (early literature) may be referenced, current literature is a requirement. At least ten references are required in this essay and most should be research articles (reflecting the higher levels of evidence). Synthesis, interpretation and application of knowledge to demonstrate understanding of TTM and use of MI techniques for the case study. Comprehensive interpretation and critical evaluation of the case study. Comprehensive explanation of the central issues of TTM and MI. Comprehensive justification and application of the use of MI techniques. Application and interpretation of current literature to TTM and MI techniques which relate to the case study. Excellent application and interpretation of a minimum of 10valid and varied academic sources.
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