MKT2608 Consumer Behaviour- incorporating international


Unit Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit you will be able to:

1. Analyse your own buyer behaviour, and that of others.

2. Predict the likely effect of marketing decisions on the behaviour of buyers.

3. Use buyer behaviour theory to market products more efficiently and successfully.

4. Explain the key terms, concepts and models of buyer behaviour theory.

Course Learning Outcomes

The following course learning outcome will also be consolidated in this unit:

Apply broad and coherent knowledge to a range of business situations, incorporating international/global/cultural perspectives

Assignment Instructions

you will take the MBTI personality test and discuss your personality type in relation to a recent fashion purchase (clothing, shoes or accessories) with a friend from class (or on the Discussion Board for online students). You will share details about your purchase and about your personality, and your friend will do the same; remembering to focus discussion around your and your friend’s individual consumer 

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