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co corn CD ti -7rCOco o Co56141452271014523035008303 PLOT 14 LIVING ROOM910 194 100 1 DG4 jiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiA VZ/Z,////////4/ KITCHEN mechanical extraction to kitchen via cooker hood, kitchen design to specialist contractorCS) N-•71-O svp WG1WG2552 I 685 440 685 5522914563bigWG31135 10022700megas meter elec meter 0,1 co co 0)Lc-) N-COLC) CO rn coPROPOSED GROUND FLOOR LAYOUT. Not to scaleNOTE – ALL SWITCHES AND SOCKETS TO BE LOCATED BETWEEN 450 & 1200mm FROM FINISHED FLOOR LEVELNOTE – PROVIDE LEVEL THRESHOLD ACCESS TO DWELLING WITH A MINIMUM 1200 x 1200mm LEVEL PLATFORM, GRADIENT SLOPING TO GROUND LEVEL NO MORE THAN 1 IN 15.D0830CO O OC81O COC CTCO COCCoO56141902181019023035008WF4V .//////////// 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0r 1070 111111IMMONVIIMil 11 12 13 I MINIM I PAIMIVAII B o DF5 Pa I Walled Tilitil I WOMAN 939 •-t-I 65 BEDROOM :303WIWI WI WM /% 0 0 0 0 0 0 %/ 0 0PLOT 14 BEDROOM 1910 91.1.DF1CO CO COCO CO cc DF48382734o DF2• 889231 meBATH0111A 411BUTIMMI I InTlInifif41411M4141Red I ITHROMMII I RelfallifffillalliNd TM IaDF3BEDROOM VVF111350WF2L. 890 L, 563 113529142700L1002WF3svpC,)COtiLULc) coLU cc COCO CO CVPROPOSED FIRST FLOOR LAYOUT. Not to scaleNOTE – WINDOWS TO HABITABLE ROOMS TO HAVE A MINIMUM CLEAR OPENABLE AREA OF 0.33m2, 750 x 450mm TO ALLOW ADEQUATE ESCAPE IF REQUIRED.Reproduced by permission of Richie and Richie LLP who owns the copyright.


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