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As a software developer, you are required to develop programs that can be readily accessed by a wide range of clients.Discuss ways in which you can design your software and applications for 2 of the following:•    Blind or visually impaired clients•    Clients with limited or poor hand coordination•    Learning programs for children recovering from trauma•    Clients who are colour blind•    Clients who are hearing impairedCompare and discuss your answer with at least 1 other classmate.Question 2.We have been looking at concepts of Green ICT this week.Discuss 3 ways in which you (or your organisation), can use ICT to reduce your carbon footprint, and contribute to Green ICT.Compare your response to at least 1 other classmate.Question 3Which of the following are projects, and which are processes? Explain your answer1.    Building a computer, on a production line of identical computers2.    Building a house, as one of a series of identical houses all over Australia3.    Upgrading a computer from Windows 7 to Windows 104.    Upgrading all 120 computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10Compare them with those of at least 2 other classmates


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