MGT502 Business Communication- Persuasive and Convincing Argument


Learning Outcomes

The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
a) Apply research, academic and communication skills appropriate to the level ofstudy and observeacademic referencing requirements.
b) Critically analyse texts and/or multimedia material in both a business and academic context.
c) Identify and apply effective communication methods within a business and academic environment.


This assessment has been prescribed to appraise your’ ability to think critically and form an argument supported by evidence. It allows you to demonstrate your ability to understand the material you are using and to apply it in ways that go beyond what has been read.
This assessment has been designed to:
1. Appraise your ability to critically evaluate academic and other research to form an argument on an organisational topic that is supported by evidence.
2. Enhance your writing skills so they are able to form persuasive and convincing arguments and communicate them effectively.
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