PICT8040 Cyber Crime and Cyber Policing Behaviour


Q1. Why are so many cases of cyber-fraud linked to groups and individuals in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union? Are they the most significant actors committing cyber fraud currently?
(Please make certain you understand what the Soviet Union was and what countries belonged to it before answering this question.)
Q2. What is interpersonal antisocial behaviour, and why has it become so prominent on the internet?
(You will need to define “interpersonal antisocial behaviour,” which is often linked to bullying and trolling. Note that this is narrower than “antisocial behaviour.”)
Q3. What are the most difficult cybercrimes for Australian law enforcement to investigate and prosecute, and why are these areas so challenging?
(Be careful not to make this a discussion of all areas of cybercrime.
Note that whatever topic you select, you will need:
a)  A clearly stated research question;
b)  A clear argument that answers your research question;
c)  Relevant examples that support this argument;
d) Definitions for all of your key terms drawn from the academic literature;
e) Extensive references including peer reviewed articles and other scholarly sources.

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