INTD 3021 International Relations and Environmental Communications


Imagine that you are writing a blog post for a website on development and environmental communications. Your blog posts should not assume that the reader has any detailed awareness of the material you are writing about. Because the posts are short, you will need to be very clear and concise in your word choice. Because you are writing for a public audience, you will also need to find ways to make your writing engaging–stories about real people and real-world examples are good ways to do this. In addition to explaining key ideas in the course material to a public audience, your blogs should also critically analyze those ideas.
The Communications Strategy Blog should include the following:
▪ Name+ date
▪ A Title (indicate the topic that you are analyzing–try to make it catchy)
▪ Analysis of the assigned material. With so little space, you will need to articulate your ideas very concisely. Introductory paragraphs are not required. Start 
with a clear, strong statement about your topic or an engaging (but concise) story or question to capture your readers’ attention. 

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