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Assume you work as a Financial Analyst at the South Pacific Stock Exchange. To create stock market awareness and foster investor education, the SPX CEO has asked you to produce Company Insight Reports of 3 listed companies. A Company Insight Report is a document which provides a comprehensive exploration into key findings of a listed firm. Insight reports provides a company’s analysis in a summarized form such as its key financial summaries (ROE, share price trend, top investors, profits, growth, shareholders’ funds information, etc.) the ways in which an individual is likely to respond to people, tasks, demands, rewards and culture at work. These reports are usually one to two pages’ maximum. To complete this major assignment, each individual will be required to select 3 of the listed companies from SPX. Based on your selected listed companies, you are required to produce the Companies Insight Reports on the three selected companies based on the following format and content: Heading 1: Key Investor Information Heading 2: Company Profile and Background What is this company all about? Max half a page. Heading 3: Company Structure & Organization Directors and Senior Management Heading 4: Top 5 – 7 Shareholders of the Company Who are the top 5 – 7 major shareholders? Heading 5: Key Financial & Market Performance Highlights – Display a 5-year trend on key financial statistics. (Total Revenue, Net Profit after Tax, Earnings per Share, RoE, Net Profit Margin) – Total Assets & Shareholders Equity Trend – Share Price Trend from for the past 3 years until 2020. Heading 6: Gender Diversity (optional) Gender representation in the company. Heading 7: ChallengesFM201 MAJOR ASSIGNMENT Heading 8: Future Outlook Heading 9: Corporate Governance Heading 10: Any Risk disclosure (optional) The relevant information needed to complete this project can be found in the company annual reports. 2020 annual reports (and prior years) of all companies are available on the SPSE website (this link will take you directly to the Annual Reports web-page. Remember this is an insight report so you are free to choose any layout for the report. Note that the report should be clear, easily understood and user-friendly. Treat this report as if SPX will publish this on their website for public awareness using your expertise. Each company insight report is to be strictly limited to two pages. Therefore, maximum number of pages for this assignment should not exceed 10. You can have an additional cover page which will make it 11. There is no need for an Introduction, Conclusion and Reference page. All materials should be referenced from the annual reports but paraphrased in your own words. All calculations are to be done in Excel by importing the required data from the annual reports to the excel sheets. The excel document should contain necessary calculations, graphs and trends that are needed for the insight reports. These graphs and trends are to be pasted in the insight reports directly from excel and customized/formatted to make it look presentable. You can create three different sheets in one excel file and name the sheets on each of your three companies. Anyone who does not upload the excel file together with the insight reports will be penalized.


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