1469 Creative Digital Innovation

Choose one of the companies from those listed above and construct a research report which clearly defines:
A proposal for how your chosen business might innovate a new product or service, or adopt a new innovative approach to business, within the digital realm (this will be discussed in class)
Identify the target market for whom the innovation(s) is intended
Identify the stakeholders who benefit, and are affected, by the innovation
Describe the drivers for the innovation (i.e. what is the circumstance or impetus that has led to the need for innovation?)
Identify potential obstacles or pitfalls that may be encountered in implementing the innovation and describe how these might be overcome
Analyse and assess the intended features, advantages and benefits brought about by the innovation
Identify any potential secondary consequences of the innovation (good or bad)
Make your own evaluation of the effectiveness/success of the innovation/process including a full assessment of the feasibility of implementation
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