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Issue 18/08/2011Revision Date 25/06/2018Form No. ECT/ACA/F05.04Assignment # Date00/00/2020 Time:00:00-00:00pm                     Total Mark:          25 Student’s Name          Student’s ID       Course NameEnglish2  Course CodeENG104 SemesterFall 2021/2022 Instructor’s NameMrs. Najah & Mrs. Swapneela     Questions1TotalPoint2525Student Mark                                                               Note: This Assignment accounts for 25% of the student’s final grade. One of the requirements of this course is to prepare a power point presentationInclude pictures, charts, and tables if needed.Bibliography: End your presentation with a list of all the sources Topic is (Productivity Topic): How to Get More Done in Less Time REQUIREMENTS OF THE ORAL PRESENTATION    Method:           1. Collect data from books, journals, newspapers, or the internet.                          2. Try to limit your treatment of the topic to a specific area.  Format:            1. Your presentation must not be less than 10 slides long.                           2.  The first slide includes the college name, student’s name and ID no, course title, semester and date, and name of the teacher.                           3.  The last page includes the references used by the student.       Presentation:   1. Organize your information on slide show (PowerPoint file).                                  2. Include only points and data that are hard to remember.                           3. The slide should attract the attention of the audience and    help you explain your ideas.                           4. Avoid reading long texts.                           5. Try your presentation in advance to make sure it will not take more or less than FIVE minutes long.                           6. Prepare your topic and rehearse it.                           7. Use your voice, body language, and facial expressions when presenting.          Points earned   componentExceeds Expectations 4Meets Expectations 3Meet s some but not all Expectations 2Does Not Meet Expectations 1ScoreContent — Appropriate and AccurateAccurate, well-organized information that speaks directly to the issueAccurate, organized information that speaks to the issueQuestionable information that may not speak directly to the issueinformation that does not speak to the issue Content — Fluency/AmountAmple, diverse informationAdequate, somewhat diverse informationMinimal informationredundant information Use of TechnologyUtilization of Multimedia to fully enhance presentationMultimedia enhances presentation.Multimedia distracts from presentationMultimedia is not used DeliveryClear, concise, excellent transitions, points effectively madeClear, adequate transitions, points well definedUnclear points, difficult to identifyIncomplete, points, cannot be identified DiscussionShows clear confidence and respond thoroughly to questionsShows confidence and respond to questionsShows some confidence and respond most to questionsShows no confidence and or fails to respond to most questions ResourcesCorrectly Credits references in all casesCorrectly Credits references in most casesIncorrectly Credits references in all casesNo credit of references TimingUsed time allotted effectively, leaving time for discussionRun  short of the time allottedRun over the time allotted or leaving no time for discussionWas unable to finish within time allotted or finished in much shorter time than allotted  Total out of 28  


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