BSBINN801 Lead Innovative Thinking and Practice- existing campuses with no major


King Edward VII College provides high quality industry training that engenders participation and achievement.

Strategic Objectives

1. To be a leader in vocational education and training
2. To be a leader in innovation in the vocational education and training sector
3. To establish and maintain high quality infrastructure supporting clients and staff 
4. To be well led, high performing, profitable and accountable 
5. To develop our people and resources


The core values underpinning our activities are:

•  Sustain excellence in training and assessment
•  Promote innovation across all of our business operations
•  Be a collaborative and caring community. 
• Embrace difference and diversity
• Demonstrate integrity and equality of opportunity in all activities
• Operate with openness and accountability 


This new business plan reflects our approach to the coming years. We commenced operations in 2010 with relatively low student numbers which then increased significantly.  

We do not expect these numbers to increase significantly over the period 2019 – 2021 as we are currently nearing capacity in our Melbourne and Sydney campuses.

We also expect stable costs  for our existing campuses with no major increases expected.  However, there will be significant financial investment required for the new campuses. 



Due to the success of the College to date, there are significant cash reserves to fund the new campuses, plus general initiatives, including quality training and assessment and continuous improvement and innovation.  

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