BUS 850 Business Communications-internet services or digital cable services


1. List the tangible and intangible benefits that you might describe when promoting the following items or services:
• Membership in a health club
• High-speed internet services or digital cable services
• A certain line of clothing
• Car insurances

2. Pretend you are writing an unsolicited internal proposal to request funding trip to the major professional meeting in your area of expertise. What kind of information will you need to include? What arguments might you supervisors or management find convincing? What kind of objections might you need to overcome?

3. Consider ads that you have seen on television, in magazines, or on the internet. Which ones rely heavily on emotional appeals? Which on logical appeals? Which on character-based appeals? Do the chosen appeals seems appropriate given the product, service, or cause that is being
promoted? (You can use the poster/pictures of the commercial/advertisement) 

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