CHC53315 Mental Health Specialisation

Do some research and list two examples of mental health promotion and prevention campaigns or programs in the community. Describe the approaches/aims. QUESTION 3 A. Explain how you could empower a client who may be struggling to accept a mental health diagnosis and cannot yet move forward to planning recovery. In your response, you must also explain how normalising statements would assist. B. Identify at least two strategies that can be used for clients who are experiencing distress or are in crisis. C. Identify at least two strategies that can be used to de-escalate incidents of risk with clients (for example, aggression, violence, agitation, etc). QUESTION 4 Explain the link between disempowerment and discrimination. QUESTION 5 A. Describe how the following legislative and ethical requirements impact on workers and employers in the mental health sector and provide at least two examples of how each could potentially be breached:  Anti-discrimination  Work health and safety and duty of care  Privacy/confidentiality and disclosure  Mandatory reporting B. Identify the relevant legislation in your state or territory (or Commonwealth if applicable) for the following areas.
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