CID1267 Cybersecurity- Fintech and Digital Financial Services


The financial sector is a major target for cybercrime. The number of cybersecurity breach notifications received by the Financial Conduct Authority increases every year. New technologies are adopted to automate financial services, and innovations create new channels, services, and products. The accelerated demand for fintech and digital financial services due to COVID-19 has generated new vulnerabilities and therefore threats. Cybersecurity is a crucial investment for the banking sector. The sector admits that they need to improve their security defences and invest in planning, regular reviews, and employee training.
The Electronic Journal of Financial Services has issued a call for articles for a special issue on The Future of Retail Banking* and you have been invited to submit an article titled:
Cybersecurity in Retail Banking: Vulnerabilities, Significance, and Implications Your article should address the following key points:
  • Nature and impact of cybersecurity threats in the sector
  • Key vulnerabilities and risk assessment
  • Standards, policy, regulatory and ethical issues
  • Economic significance and implications
  • Technological advancements, new threats and challenges, innovation
  • Conclusions, recommendations, limitations 
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