CRLP200 Career Ready Learning and Practice- interviewing industry professionals


1. Purpose

The purpose of this assessment is to encourage you to reflect upon your skills, abilities and strengths in relation to your career path(s) of choice. By articulating connections between your experiences, what you learned in the subject and from your own research, you will develop a career development action plan to assist you on your career path and future employment. In this task the term ‘professional experience’relates to any of the following; seeking an internship, participating in an internship, interviewing industry professionals, and conducting credible desk based research into chosen industries/jobs.

2. The process of finding and, where possible, engaging in an internship provides a valuable opportunity to reflect upon your skills, abilities and strengths in relation to your career path(s) of choice. You already have many skills you have developed during your life, and throughout your degree, including through part-time work, volunteering, sporting activities, university clubs and representation etc. As you participate in CRLP200, documenting and reflecting on your skills will help you to identify your strengths and areas for growth and development. As well, these tasks will help you to identify ways in which your collective experiences contribute to your development personally and to your overarching career path.

Preparatory task 1: Your Pre-Subject Skills Assessment (completed in one sitting in week one) Complete the Pre-Subject Skills Assessment located in the “Assessments” block in Moodle. This will provide a foundation understanding of your strengths and potential areas for growth as you participate in this subject.

Preparatory task 2: Current career preferences Maximum one A4 page (to be completed by week four) a) Outline work you would like to do when you graduate, by addressing in your response: – The industry or occupation you would like to work in, Why?

The type of environment you would like to work in. Why?
The kinds of activities you will be involved in. Why?
How your chosen occupation aligns with your personal values.
What you hope to gain in terms of reward (extrinsic or intrinsic). Why?

b) Identify what kind of professional experience you hope to gain through CRLP200

c) Identify at least three employability skills you wish to enhance as you complete your professional experience 

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