Examine the Articlesnd critique four


Review and critique four (4) studies or articles from peer reviewed academic literature (2016 is the oldest you can go back in the literature). These are to be critical reviews focusing on the mentoring process. Four different academic journals are to be used for the articles/research reports.
You are to critically examine, analyze, and summarize the articles and research. Submit the report to Lived Text for assessment. Students will follow the APA Publication Manual.
The Review of the Literature must not be a summary of each article. The Review of the Literature must be a merger or synthesis of the articles into one document with headings for each topic discussed in all of the articles. The Review of the Literature must be a combination of your original work and correctly cited work or authors of the articles discussed in the Review of the Literature. Plagiarized work will receive a grade of zero.

The Review of the Literature should be in a font size of 12 and double spaced. Include a cover page and a reference list for a total of 6 pages Submit the assignment to Canvas
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