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You have limited words (2250 maximum) to do the assignment. You must therefore be succinct. The footnotes, bibliography and short headings are not included in the word count. DO NOT use footnotes to add extra information – footnotes in this unit are for referencing only. I would prefer you to use HIRAC for problem questions, but I appreciate the ‘Rules’ section can get lengthy. Again, be decisive with your law – only include the rules that are relevant to the facts. I have included a HIRAC ‘how to’ in Other Resources if you need a refresher.Questions 1John, a home handyman, goes to purchase a curtain rod from his local supermarket. When he approaches an attendant to ask where the curtain rods are located, the attendant directs him to Aisle 3. John finds Aisle 3 but cannot find any curtain rods, so he returns to the attendant, who offers to accompany him.‘New curtains?’ The attendant asks on the way to Isle 3. ‘No.’ Replies John. ‘Ohhh, then what do you need the curtain rod for, sir?’ The attendant inquires. ‘I’m actually going to cut the curtain rod in half and use the two pieces as a shower rod, I’ve been told you can do that.’ The attendant, not wanting to sound like he did not know what John was talking about, said ‘Funny you should mention that, my friend just did that exact same thing the other day and it worked a treat. Saves some money and it’s easy to do.’ The two stopped at the curtain rods, ‘Here we are sir’ said the attendant, and then left. John paid for the curtain rod and went home.John cut the rod as planned and fastened it to his bathroom wall to create a shower curtain. After one week the moisture and heat from the shower steam had caused the curtain rod to flex and it finally gave way, causing John to slip and break his arm. John blames his injury on the faulty curtain rod and the attendant’s advice. He wants you to help him take proceedings against the supermarket.Advise John of his prospects of success


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