GSBS6041 Global Marketing Strategy and Planning


Upon completion of this assignment, as it relates to the following,

  1. Outline the importance of corporate strategy decisions and their marketing implications
  2. Identify and assess the various aspects of a business environment, both domestic and global
  3. Assess market opportunities by analyzing customer needs as well as competitive offerings in the markets potentially available to a firm

Discuss 3 Marketing decisions that helped the brand achieve their first breakthrough and success, what are the decisions and how did they help creating the brand success.

By conducting secondary research only, evaluate the brand’s performance today and create a SWOT analysis for the brand in today’s global market.

Suggest Two Marketing changes in any of the Marketing Mix areas to help the brand achieve more growth in the future. Support your answers with research in business and academic literature.

i) Ensure that you are clear about the instructions and expectations for the assignment.
ii) Ensure you understand the concepts focused by the assignment (and provided in the course materials).

iii) Before you start composing your assignment, you may want to prepare an outline mapping out all the information you collected and how it fits in the assignment topics (and structure) you must cover.

Pacing the work

i) Estimate how much time you plan to allocate to planning, drafting, and revising your assignment.
ii) In the planning phase, you may want to have a time interval between collecting and triaging information. This will ensure you will not rush in using information that may not be useful, or using it solely due to time constraints as opposed to the worth of its content.

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