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Event number [2] out of [2] assessments for this unit/unit clusterCourse: ICT40415 CertIV NetworkingUnit(s): ICANWK403 Manage network and data integrityICTNWK401 Install and manage a serverICTNWK407 Install and configure client-server applications and servicesICTNWK402 Install and configure virtual machines for sustainable ICTICTNWK411 Deploy software to networked computersAssessment Title: Client Server PracticalDue Date: / /Teacher: Nalphky LIMLearner Name: Enter your name hereUnit code: ICT40415Table of ContentsICT40415 CertIV Networking 0ICANWK403 Manage network and data integrity 0ICTNWK401 Install and manage a server 0ICTNWK407 Install and configure client-server applications and services 0ICTNWK402 Install and configure virtual machines for sustainable ICT 0ICTNWK411 Deploy software to networked computers 0Networking Project 0/ / 0xxx 0Enter your name here 0Unit code: ICT40415 1Administrative Information 3Units 3How you will be assessed 3How this assignment will be marked 4Resources 6The Assessment 7What you have to do 7Scenario 7Tasks 8Tasks 8Task 1 Install and configure virtualisation software (Practical) refer to Scenario 8Task 2 Install and configure virtual machines 8Task 3 Configure virtual networks of virtual machines 9Task 4 Back-up and restore virtual machines 9Task 5 Install and configure the server as required by the specification 9Task 6 Configure and administer the server 10Task 7 Monitor network and test the server 11Task 8 Implement an antivirus solution 11Task 9 Develop a backup solution 11Task 10 Automate installation of operating system via network 12Task 11 Automate installation of software packages via network 12Task 12 13Assignment Submission 14What you need to submit 14How to submit your assignment 14Assignment Feedback 14 Administrative InformationUnitsThis assignment counts towards completion of the following units:ICTNWK401 Install and manage a serverICANWK403 Manage network and data integrityICTNWK407 Install and configure client-server applications and servicesICTNWK411 Deploy software to networked computersICTNWK402 Install and configure virtual machines for sustainable ICTHow you will be assessedPossible results for this assignment are:• S – Satisfactory• U – Unsatisfactory. You may be asked to resubmit the assignment.• F – Fail.To achieve a Satisfactory result, you must successfully complete all tasks.Please note!You will FAIL this assignment if you copy someone else’s work. This is called plagiarism and includes copying from another student.• If it is proved that you have copied another student’s work, you may be excluded from your course.Plagiarism also includes:• Copying from a website without making reference to that website in your assignment• Using an article on a website, in a journal or newspaper, whether printed or online without making reference to where that article is from and who has written it.Information about plagiarism and instructions about how to include a reference to material you have used from another source is available on Drop folder.If you are still unsure about what plagiarism is or how to do referencing contact your teacher before you submit your assignment. How this assignment will be markedThis assignment will be marked by a teacher using a copy of the marking guide below to provide you with feedback about your completed assignment.Use this guide to ensure you have attempted each part of each Task in this assessment before you submit your work to your teacher.Satisfactory Unsatisfactory MissingTasks Teacher’s Comments: Task 1 Install and configure virtualisation softwareTask 2 Install and configure virtual machinesTask 3 Configure virtual networks of virtual machinesTask 4 Back-up and restore virtual machinesTask 5 Install and configure the server as required by the specificationTask 6 Configure and administer the serverTask 7 Monitor network and test the serverTask 8 Implement an antivirus solutionTask 9 Develop a backup solutionTask 10 Automate installation of operating system via networkTask 11 Automate installation of software packages via networkYou must receive a result of Satisfactory in all tasks in order to achieve a Satisfactory result in this assignment.ResourcesBefore you attempt this assignment, you must have completed the following parts of your Learning Program:• All Students are to complete the following Final Project.• Students will also need to research some of the tasks using MS help and the Internet where required.• Where possible step by step instruction will be provided.• Other information and instructional documentation will be store on the network drop folder. dropserverICT40415• All software required will be supplied by your teacher.• This class project will be done in class only.• The project should be done individually, not as a group.• Each student will install, plan, design and implement the new installation or upgrade to including the following:• Each Student will be provided with the necessary server software to complete the projectScenarioThe AssessmentWhat you have to doRead through the tasks below to ensure that you understand what you need to do to complete this assignment. If you don’t understand what you need to do make sure that you contact (eg your teacher/ the IT Help Desk) to clarify what is required.• Do not submit an incomplete assignment for marking.ScenarioBosNet is currently running Windows Server 2008 on a Dell T840 (purchased in early 2008). They use this server for DNS, Active Directory, file sharing and printer sharing. They have purchased a new server and have asked you to install and configure one of the latest Windows server operating system. – Windows Server 2012/16.You will also be required to install a Client machine with Windows 7-10 operating system as a test machine.In this assignment, you are to demonstrate your ability to install and configure server roles and features? Active Directory.? DNS services? DHCP services? IIS and FTP services? Printer manager? Organisational Units, Users and Groups? Add Printers? Install a network anti-virus? File and folder servicesYou have also been asked to implement the following group policies:? Enforce strong password usage? Restrict desktop settings? Deploy FireFox or Adobe Reader? Map network drives TasksTasksType your name in the space provided on the first page of this document. It looks like the picture below: Task 1 Install and configure virtualisation software (Practical) refer to Scenario? Using VMware workstation pro create the images for this assessment? Image nameso Server1o Clent1? Select the appropriate shell version for each of the installationso Windows server and Win 10? Configure the basic system requirement for installation for both imageso Administrator and Password1o RAM 16GB Maxo CPU 1 and 2 coreso NICTask 2 Install and configure virtual machines? Install the chosen Network Operating System (Windows Server) and Client Operating System (Win 10)Server configuration? Create the storage devices (4 HDD in total)Do not tick allocate all disk space now.Choose store virtual disk as a single file for all disk required.o 1 X 20GB HDD primary C:? The extra HDD must be added while the virtual machine is shut down after the initial department Data setupo 1 X 20GB HDD (Raid 0+1)o 1X 5GB HDD (DATA) his storage device is for user ando 1X 5GB HDD (BACKUP) this storage device is for backups? All HDD are to be formatted with NTFS after the installation are completed? Windows 10 will only have one HDD 1 X 60GB HDD primary C:? Install both operating systemsTask 3 Configure virtual networks of virtual machines? Create a second NIC on the Server? Change both default host NIC to VMnet2 on each virtual systemo Configure static IP address on each as followso NIC1 Vmnet2 ando NIC2 Vmnet2192.168.1.2 for the second NIC? Configure a static IP address on the Client1 for the initial configuration then change to obtain IP from DHCP server? For the second NIC on the Client1 image change to NAT leave the default settings at obtain IP from DHCP server this will allow you to connect to the internet through the host machineTask 4 Back-up and restore virtual machines? Create a snapshot of both of your virtual machines? Shutdown both virtual machines so you can copy your virtual machines files to a physical backup locationTask 5 Install and configure the server as required by the specification? Change the server’s computer name to (Server1) with you initials (Server1MC)? Change your servers screen background to displays your name? Administrator and Password1? Active directory with DNS with the Domain Name being (BosNet. local) with you initials BosNetMC. localo Configure the DNS with both forward and reverse lookup zoneso Create one O/U called BosNeto Create the following departments O/Us with the BosNet OU:o ICT Department, Management department, Sales Department and Production department.? DHCP Exclude the first 10 IP addresseso Auto assign DNS IP address to workstations? IISo Create a Default Web page that will display (your name and assessment name)o Add FTP serviceo Create a new folder and text file in the FTP-root directory for users to download to their workstation.? Printer management serviceo Add two printers the following printers on the server? HP LaserJet and? Fiji Xerox FX DP C1100? RRAS or remote desktopo Setup remote desktop services on the server so that the administrator can access the server from anywhere on the domainTask 6 Configure and administer the server? Turn on network discovery, file and print sharing on the server and workstation? Connect the Client workstation to the Domain? Test that everything is working correctly by pinging between the Server and the client? Create one user for each department? Create one group for each department with the appropriate user added to their department group? Create a common shared folder called Office Docs that all staff can access on the E:? Create a user home folder that all staff can access on the E:? Create shared folders for each of the (Company’s Departments)o ICT Department, Management department, Sales Department and Production department.? User accounts and restrictiono Passwords (can change password)o Logon times? User login restrictions Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm. Saturdays 7am to 4pm and Sunday 8am to 4pmo Configure Home directory and mapping for all users? Create group policieso To hide the C:drive on the Client computerso Disable network settings so that domain user cannot explore the networko Disable desktop settingso Remove the run command? Logon/ logoff scriptso Create logon batch files script to automate drive mappings to the common and department shares folders? Drive letter M: for Management? Drive letter S: for Sales? Drive letter P: for Production? Drive letter U: for user’s home directory? Drive letter I: for ICT? Drive letter O: for Office Docso Create logoff batch files to script to remove all the drive mapping? Create group policies to deploy both printers to client workstation? Domain Users can only print to the printer Fiji Xerox printer between the hours of 7pm to 11pm? Domain Users can only print to the printer HP printer between the hours of 8am to 6pm.? Assign appropriate groups to department shared folders? Use domain polices to restrict the following:o Set password lengths to greater and equal to ( =) 8 characters.o Set the duration (age) to 60 dayso Set the account lock out policy to 4 attempts with an incorrect passwordo Set the lock up duration to 15 minutes? Schedule automatic updates to download at 5am everydayo Configure let me choose when to install the updates.Task 7 Monitor network and test the server? Using the Reliability and Performance Monitor configure a data collection set that looks at a typical baseline of counters which consists ofo Memory – Pages/Sec,o Physical Disk – Avg. Disk Queue Length, ando Processor – % Processoro Time. Configure the data collection set to run for 3 minute this will ensure there is data in the report section.? Record the results of the test in a text file call performance.txt in the backup folderTask 8 Implement an antivirus solution? Install Anti-malware on the server and client computers.? Download a testing virus to test that the product is working correctly. Install the selected anti-virus software onto your server and deploy the client to the workstation.? Test the Anti-malware performance affect and document the results.? Download the required upgrades or service packs.? Set upgrade schedules for regular maintenance daily at 12amTask 9 Develop a backup solution? Create an automated full backup schedule to start at 1am daily and? Backing up all user and department folders? Create a test folder with a text file called test backup.? Delete the test folder of the server or data-store and perform a restore? Also demonstrate how to restore the system files? Demonstrate how to do a data sync between hard drives? Setup backup schedules, restoration points and recovery planTask 10 Automate installation of operating system via networkLocate sysprep on the Windows install disk, and then create a sysprep.inf file on the Windows workstation machine allowing for the following automated configuration:Organisation: TechNetAdministrative user name: StudentAdministrative password: Password1Operating system key: JQ9CB-YB97V-M2F8P-3J7W7-MCFTQLocation: AustraliaHorizontal resolution: 800Vertical resolution: 600Refresh rate: 60HzNetwork configuration: Default TCP/IPAdd all necessary files to run sysprep into a folder called sysprep in the root of the C: drive on the Windows machine*** Do Not run the SYSPREP command **** write the sysprep command including switches that would be used to prepare the deployment image.Attached the ini file to your submission via zipping it.Task 11 Automate installation of software packages via network? Deploy Firefox or Acrobat Reader using Group Policy Management.o Obtain the Firefox or Acrobat Reader.MSI file from the teacher.o Create a deployment folder that is read only for everyone, copy the .MSI file into this folder.o Using the Group Policy computer configurations, Software Installation deploy Firefox using the assigned deployment method.o Deploy Firefox or Acrobat Reader to the Windows workstation machineNote:Each student must demonstrate their knowledge of each process and document all the tasks above in your Student Journal and named “Client Server Project – First name”.This will be assessed by questioning and by preforming a random task to show competency.Once all the above is completed the project will be signed off by you teacher1Task 12a) Check the marking guide in this document under ‘How this assignment will be marked’ to ensure that you have completed all parts of all Tasks of this assignment.b) If you are unable to complete any part of this assignment contact your teacher to find out what you should do.c) Do not submit an incomplete assignment for marking.Assignment SubmissionWhat you need to submitDo not submit this assignment for marking unless you have completed all parts of all Tasks of this assignment.• Before you submit your assignment make sure that you have referenced all material that is not your own.For this assignment you must submit the following files:• Client Server Your Name of Zip file.zip• containing the following files:1• Client Server Project.docx• Sysprep Ini file• Note: You must keep your own copy of this file.How to submit your assignment• Please upload all documents on WSI Online.• ICTNWK401 Install and manage a server• ICTNWK402 Install and configure virtual machines for sustainable ICT• ICANWK403 Manage network and data integrity• ICTNWK407 Install and configure client-server applications and services• ICTNWK411 Deploy software to networked computers• Submit your file using the Submit button named as Name Of File• Important: Once you have clicked the Submit button you will not be able to resubmit nor add additional documents – so make sure you have all your documents toge


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