ICTICT408 Computer Science-Produce the Organisational Style Guide


Task 1

Design and produce the Organisational Style Guide for Mirra-Mirra containing.
1.Logo and colour scheme
2.Page Layout: margins, page orientation, line and paragraph spacing, headers and footers
3.Default font and other styles
4.General layout options for templates: for example – business letter, email, reports, spreadsheets, slide show presentations, promotional material, online tutorials. Ensure you identify at least two different types of technical documentation. For each of the technical documentation, include:
a.A description of the documentation, including purpose and audience
b.An outline of an appropriate document format, ensure you take into consideration the flow of information, structure, style, tone and content format.
5.Printing requirements for documents
6.Saving/storage & security procedures for written correspondence
7.Copyright considerations
8.Bibliography/ references
9.Version control

Task 2

1.Based on the style guide created Part 2, Task 1 above; create a report template to be used to document technical information. The template must contain:
a)Heading styles – headings 1 – 3
b)Table of contents
c)Business logo and colours
d)A cover page containing your name
e)Logical structural flow of headings
f)An appropriate filename
g)Appropriate headers and footers
h)Ability to house version control

Task 3

This part of the assessment will require you submit your documentation to your manager. You will be submitting it as part of your assessment for marking, but you also need to record a message to your assessor letting them know you have sent the email. Your oral message will be assessed using the Observation checklist on the following page.


1.How can you organise your workload to get the template created by the close of business tomorrow? Explain ways you can combine tasks to improve efficiency in completing the task.
2.Name the programs and digital tools you used to create the above style guide and template.
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