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Issue 18/08/2011Revision Date 25/06/2018Ref No. ECT-ACAF-ACAFO- FRM.027Assignment # Date26 / 10 /2021Time:08:00-09:30 pm                     Total Mark:          25 Student’s Name          Student’s ID       Course NameStudy Skills  Course CodeENG103 SemesterFall  2021 Instructor’s NameMr. Shehab  & Mrs. Najah     Questions1OralTotalPoint151025Student Mark                          Note: This Assignment accounts for 25% of the student’s final grade. Study Skills (ENG103/SSR101)  Individual Assignment The length of the reports is 2000 words excluding the title page, table of contents, list of illustrations, and list of references. You should include the following in the report: Title PageTable of ContentsList of Graphics  IntroductionAt least three parts to cover the discussion part of the report.Conclusion /SummaryList of References (as below format) The Tasks Choose ONE of the following topics and write a report on: (15 =  marks) Child Labour: In the developed world, the job of children is to simply learn, grow, and enjoy themselves; but in the developing world, this is unfortunately not reality — write a report on how children are maltreated in certain cases and what should be done to avoid that. Renewable energy. Solar energy, windmills, the potential of water resources, electric vehicles, and many other solutions are now in place; but environmental issues are still persistent. Why is renewable energy underused? Why is the production of electric vehicles in its infancy although it started at the beginning of the 20th century? Write a report to answer these questions. Childhood obesity: Because of all the high-calorie foods that are available today, many children in industrialized countries have weight problems — what should be done to avoid such a situation? Write a report to shed light on this problem. Format: Font size for text is 12 points and 14 points for headings.Use two fonts only in the whole report. Arial is to be used for headings and Times New Roman is for text.Use a 1-1/2-inch margin at the top and 1-inch margins for the left, right, and bottom.Spacing between lines is 1.5 lines.Use Roman numerals for pages before page 1 of the introductionUse Arabic numerals for pages beginning with page 1 of the introduction.Don’t display a numeral on the title page. Page numbers using both Roman and Arabic Numerals 1.  Keep both the preliminary pages and the body in one document. 2. Click on the first page of the document and go to: Insert>Page Numbers>Choose bottom of the page>Choose plain number 2 (page # on the middle )>Press the main Insert tab again>Page Numbers> Format page numbers. Change number format to “i, ii, iii…”. This will number your entire thesis with lower case Roman numerals for all pages. 3. Click on the first page of the body of the thesis (Chapter 1: Introduction) right before the first letter on that page and go to: Page Layout>Page Setup>Breaks>Section Breaks Types. Click on “Continuous”. 4. Keeping your cursor on the same page, go back to Insert>Page Numbers> Format page numbers. Change number format to “1, 2, 3…” and click on “Start at 1”. This will keep the preliminary pages numbered with lower case Roman numerals and the rest of the thesis numbered with Arabic numerals. Note: The cover page should not have a page number; to do so, follow the below steps: 1. Put the cursor in the cover page. 2. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click the arrow button on the right bottom corner. The Page Setup window appears>Click on Layout. 3. Select the Different First Page check box. 4. Click OK For References, follow the same format you learned in your course. Examples: Leech, Robert. (2003). Techniques in Testing. Essex: Longman. Milicia, J.(2007).  ‘Volunteers search for missing Ohio woman’. 30 June, 2007. Thurston, Charles. (1973). ‘An Analysis of the Word Superiority Effect’. Cognitive Psychology 78. (no.25), 207-228.


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