ITPRD202A Professional Issues in IT Implementation


Your team have had four weeks to prepare your change plan, and are now tasked with commencing implementation as per the agreed schedule, starting immediately. You need to obtain the cooperation and buy in of the workers, as many are likely to dislike a major change in work practice to that they have become used to over the last 18 months. Any delay in effective adoption will most likely cause delays in the roll out of a current infrastructure upgrade program underway which is critical to the future of your organisation.
Activities for each stage of the change program, but most importantly show analysis why you believe the activities proposed at each stage will achieve sustainable (‘sticky’) change over the long term. Justify your analysis of why you believe your activities will create sustainable change with evidence of change management theory from credible sources.
You may assume you have available any resources/people you think you may reasonably need. You may restrict yourself to ONE key activity for each stage to allow you to properly provide (evidenced) analysis. Do NOT give a lengthy description of the activity, just a few words – it is the ‘why’ it will help change that we want, not ‘what’. 
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