MARK 2063 Advertising and Media Campaign Development- Brand Target



Your client has asked you to review your brand’s most recent campaign and in turn provide recommendations for expanding it.
Review the following case assigned to you and respond to the questions below.
Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau (WFH – Work From Hawaii)
Campaign write up from Edelman PR Agency
Unpack it so that you have a clear understanding of the campaign’s intent
i.e., write the creative brief that informed the campaign
i.e., map out the channels, platforms, and tactics used in the campaign
Propose how the brand should customize and re-launch the campaign to NEW cities across North America or Internationally


Demonstrate that you can develop an IMC plan.
Communicate succinctly and concisely (nobody has time for an 80-page PowerPoint)
Leave with a document that you can use in an interview to demonstrate your thinking. 


You can refer to course materials to help familiarize yourself with content
Course materials cannot be paraphrased, nor quoted as part of your response.
The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate what YOU think, not what someone else thinks.
The only source that you are permitted to cite / reference is Statista, using your GBC account.
Use of other reference materials may result in a fail grade.
Submit your response to Blackboard by the due date and time.
Late submissions may not be accepted and result in fail grade.

Submission Checklist:

Word file format, 12 pt font, Times New Roman or Arial, do not impact the standard margins
Written in paragraph or point form (be sure to communicate the full thought)
Use Headers / sub-headers throughout 2 pages maximum, plus any additional resources in the Appendix
The only resource/references that is permitted is Statista
Include a Bibliography for the Statista information, and use parenthetical citations

Submitted to Blackboard

Section 1: Campaign Overview (about a ½ page)

With reference to the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau (WFH – Work From Hawaii) campaign:
Creative Brief:
Write one SMART communications objective (use the structure from the course)
Provide a consumer insight that informed the campaign?
Written from the consumer’s perspective (“I…”)
About 2-3 sentences or bullets should be enough for this section


Identify 2 different metrics that they used to measure the campaign’s success.
Provide 1 reason as to why chose each metric and ensure that the reason is different for each.
E.g., Impressions, because..

Section 2: Recommedation – How should we expand this campaign? (about 1 page)

Assuming a post-covid world…

Due to the success of the WFH campaign, Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau wants to expand the campaign to other major cities across North America and around the world however, the ProudWorkAholic culture only exists in New York City. It is up to you to figure out how to make this campaign come to life for another major city. For example, how would this campaign work in a government town like Ottawa?

Target audience:

Who would you recommend that your brand target?
Include demographics, psychographics, geographics, and behaviour
Bring them to life with your description
Why do you think this is the best target to go after? Why are you recommending this target?

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