MMH356 Change Management- economic and organizational development


Question 1.
Three (3) strategies for implementing change are: economic, organizational development (OD), and a combined economic/OD strategy. Identify which strategy Woolworths Group Australia (WGA) used and in your response outline the situational variables that should have been taken into account. Please type your response below. 

Question 2.

Hayes (2018) argues that leadership can be fragile when leadership is distributed. Using examples from the case study, explain the breakdown of organizational and environmental coupling in WGA.
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Question 3. 

1. WGA encountered significant resistance during the planning and approval process. Explain where this resistance came from and how resistance was demonstrated.

2. Provide three (3) strategies that the CEO could have used to counter this resistance (these were taught during the trimester).   
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Question 4.

WGA applied a strategic intervention in merging its drinks and hospitality businesses into a new entity Endeavour Group (EG) to sell that subsidiary at a later date. 

1. Explain your understanding of an intervention, and then what a strategic intervention.

2. Keeping in mind the focus of a strategic intervention, briefly describe the three separate strategic interventions evidenced within the case study.

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