N14512 International Management and Internal Environment


For this first assignment, you are asked to prepare an annotated presentation. The idea of the presentation is to pitch an innovative idea to be launched by an existing SME to potential investors/senior management. All industrial products or services are acceptable, but your innovative idea should include an element of digital technology. You are strongly encouraged to develop your own original ideas but some inspiration for innovative product ideas can be found on Canvas. The presentation should clearly justify the necessary business and/or technological application of your product/service innovation which you will then expand on in your report. Please see below for a full description of the contents of the presentation and the formal criteria.
Content of the presentation: 
Your presentation should include the following elements:
An introduction to your chosen business (your chosen business must be an SME – (Please see Lecture 1 slides for our working definition of SME and consult with your tutor if you are unsure if your chosen organisation meets the criteria).
An analysis of the micro, macro and internal environment of your chosen SME
A clear identification of the gap in your chosen market for your new product/service innovation based on your assessment of the micro, micro and internal environments of your chosen SME.
A detailed outline of the main features and attributes of your innovation using the 4PS of innovation model and any other innovation models discussed in the module that you feel are appropriate to the context of your innovative idea/organisation. Here you should carefully reflect on how you can reduce the risk of failure of your innovative idea.
A brief overview of the next steps in the development of your idea.
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