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cenarioA small company has a network set up behind a NAT router. The router is connected to the Internet via a single ISP provided dynamic IP address. The ISP provided access address may change over short periods of time.The internal network is RFC 1918 Category 2 compliant, and uses the private address space The gateway router is configured to use DHCP allocated IP addresses to internal hosts as they connect. However, a record is kept within the router of what IP addresses have previously been allocated to specific MAC addresses. Whenever those MAC addressed hosts disconnect from and later reconnect to the network they are reallocated the same IP address. It is only if the router has a power off episode, or is manually reset, that allocation of different IP addresses may occur (and even then, the same addresses may be allocated as before).The company operates an approved internal web server at, to facilitate in-house development of web pages and web sites that will later be deployed to an external server for public access. It is a company policy that only one approved internal web server is to be in operation on the network.It has come to the notice of the IT manager that a company employee has set up a rogue web server on the internal network, using a personal laptop. The employee is using that web site to provide undesirable material to a small clique of employees, to whom the web server address has been provided secretly.Considerations•    The rogue web server may be on any internal IP address, and will be using any of the ephemeral ports. It will not be using a well-known port.•    The clients accessing the rogue web server may come from any internal IP address using any ephemeral port.•    The MAC addresses of all company host devices are on record.Your jobUse snort to monitor for any internal network HTTP traffic destined for any internal host on any port address other than the authorised company internal web server and produce an alert message.    You are to write a .conf file containing the snort rule(s) that will accomplish a solution and run it against the pcap file provided.The snort monitoring will identify when breaches have occurred. The Wireshark pcap file containing the captured packets can be time correlated with the logged snort alerts to obtain MAC addresses for source and target.A.  Because there are multiple certificate authorities (CAs) for the Web PKI  it is possible to buy multiple certificates for the same domain signed by different CAs. How would a browser treat these different certificates?                                (2 marks)B.  ) Suppose that an imposter is able to obtain a certificate for a domain that the imposter doesn’t own. (For example, in January 2001, an imposter tricked VeriSign into signing two certificates for “Microsoft Corporation” to be used for signing new software to be installed.) What sorts of attacks could an imposter pull off once in possession of such “fake” certificates for i.  installing software.                                (2 marks) ii. Viewing Web pages                                (2 marks)C Typically the public SSH keys used by servers are not signed by anycertificate authority, but the SSH protocol does support checking certificates.i. Why, in practice, are server certificates rarely signed?                (2 marks)ii. What is the benefit of checking server certificates?    a) Define what a rule conflict is and Identify any conflicts.            (5marks)b) Identify any redundancies and explain which rule would be applied using each of the following 3 matching strategies:1.    FIRST2.    BEST3.    LAST                                        (5 marks)Question 4:  Firewalls    (10 Marks)a) What is a proxy firewall and how is it different from a network (or transparent) firewall?(3 marks)b) What does NAT stand for, and how does the mechanism work? Describe what, if any, security NAT provides (or fails to provide).                        (4 marks)


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