NRSG367 Transition to Professional Nursing Management


Case Study

Transitioning to professional practice is a critical phase for the novice Registered Nurse. Managing professional role requirements, organisational technologies and team dynamics while on shift can be challenging. This is often accompanied by changed personal circumstances, with graduates balancing shift work, working full time and socialisation with friends and family. The case study below highlights the professional and personal challenges you may face as a Graduate Registered Nurse.

Critically analyse the following case study to answer the essay questions.

Toby is a Graduate Registered Nurse (RN) who is 8 weeks into his first graduate rotation at the local metropolitan, tertiary hospital. He is currently working on an Medical Ward. For the first four weeks Toby worked alongside his nurse preceptor, predominately rostered on morning shifts. Toby has just completed his first five (5) night shifts yesterday morning and is back on an afternoon shift today (Saturday).

Toby is still trying to manage his roster and other commitments like cycling with his friends and hiking. Today, Toby is feeling tired and frustrated because he slept through his alarm this morning and missed hiking activity to celebrate his best friend’s birthday. He is also disappointed that the he can’t join his cycling group in the evening.

Toby appears to be struggling during his clinical shift. He also seems to be having difficulty maintaining a work/life balance. Critically analyse the provided case study to answer all the following three questions within an essay format:

  1. Determine and justify whether the graduate RN met (or did not meet) their role and responsibilities as an RN during his shift. Provide at least two (2) case study examples and support your discussion using evidence, including Nursing and Midwifery Board Australia (NMBA) Registered Nurse Practice Standards.
  2. Construct at least three (3) recommendations as to how the graduate RN could have undertaken this shift differently. Consider in your discussion the knowledge, skills and attitudes inherent in the RN role, including utilisation of technology and teamwork skills, and support your discussion with literature.
  3. Transitioning from student to Graduate Registered Nurse can be difficult. Construct at least two (2) evidence-based strategies that could be implemented to promote resilience, build capacity, and support work/life balance during the graduate RN’s transition period.
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